Layout Updates and News

Test Track – Revised Plan

Have revised the plan as my first review identifed a challenge with the points on the outer line and the ability to run trains across the lines . Revision below

Test Track Planning

With the move into the flat now completed the train automation testing can commence. I’ve taken advantage of some Black Friday deals to acquire the Digikeijs DR5000 which will be the main control part of the layout and once I have worked out all the connections to iTrain, the D44088 Sensors and the track andContinue reading “Test Track Planning”

New Web Site

For the those that are new welcome to the updated web site and for those who have been before thanks for coming back. The old website was based on the Moonfruit platform and we had been on this since the site was first launched back in 2014. I had originally looked at fixing the technologyContinue reading “New Web Site”

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